T19-2075 Pirlangimpi RCH - Upgrade of 10 Dwellings

Request for Quotes - Pirlangimpi RCH - Upgrade of 10 Dwellings

Sub-contractors and suppliers are welcome to email quotes for this tender to: [email protected]

About the Tender


The scope of works comprises of, but is not limited to, the upgrade of ten (10) Remote Community Housing (RCH) assets, including Room to Breathe works on 3 dwellings, in the community of Pirlangimpi. Works to be undertaken on lots will reflect an upgrade in line with the current Remote Housing Provisions.

Refer to ‘Lump Sum Price Breakdown’ for a detailed description of the upgrade on seven (7) assets and Room to Breathe works to be quoted on for the individual Lots. The other upgrade of three (3) assets are provisional sum.

The site of the Works are lots 191, 192, 199, 200, 201, 207, 217, 229, 230, and 296 in the community of Pirlangimpi in the Northern Territory.

For further information please click on the tender documents to the right of your screen to download specification documents. If you have trouble downloading, please call the SH Build office on 08 8988 4410.

About the Tender

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