T20-1172 Beswick - Construct Concrete Shared Use Path

Request for Quotes - Beswick - Construct Concrete Shared Use Path

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About the Tender


Work to be carried out under the Contract comprises of the construction of a 400m long concrete shared use path. Path shall be 2m wide and otherwise in accordance with standard drawing CS3006 – Shared Path Type B.

Works should be in accordance with the specification and includes but not limited to following:

  • Plan, implement and maintain appropriate and approved provision for traffic including detours;
  • Plan, implement and maintain appropriate and approved environmental controls;
  • Peg alignment and seek Superintendents approval prior to works;
  • Clear and grub reasonable width of corridor to accommodate path;
  • Prepare and maintain subgrade surface;
  • Construct 100mm thick reinforced concrete path to specified requirements;
  • Install project signage x 2
  • Rehabilitate and compact adjacent areas to ensure free draining

The site of the works is in the Community of Beswick. The path is to run within the Central Arnhem Road road reserve. Preliminary alignment is shown in Attachment B

For further information please click on the tender documents to the right of your screen to download specification documents. If you have trouble downloading, please call the SH Build office on 08 8988 4410

About the Tender

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