Civil Construction Services

Civil Experience

SH Build has extensive experience in the civil construction sector with proven success in undertaking civil works such as house pads, driveways, carparks, drainage, asphalt works, kerbing, slab construction, footpath construction, landscaping and irrigation works.

We have built an team that is experienced and ticketed/licensed to undertake a range of civil works and have built strong relationships with specialised subcontractors in order to complete the Project on time and on budget.

Our team is inclusive of qualified and experienced supervisors that manage the day to day running of the Project to ensure progress and coordination onsite, and will resolve challenges as they arise.

Civil Construction Services


NT Government

When undertaking NT Government building works we complete all civil aspects of these contracts in-house such as carparks, driveways, pads, slabs, pathways, culverts, drainage, crossovers, landscaping and irrigation. 

Our team have completed works in communities to health clinics, police stations, schools and other NT Gov assets, in over 30 communities that all included civil works. We tender for all NT Government contracts and provide competitive and quality bids that include our point of difference on our past performance, local development, timeliness, capacity and management systems.

We work with NT Government departments by providing a seem-less and consistent service, and communicate with them throughout the project to ensure the scope is fulfilled with quality outcomes. 

Other Civil Clients

Other civil jobs we have completed include carparks to catholic schools, demolition, landscaping and irrigation works, culverts and concrete crossovers and various other civil works. 

We understand that works to our clients premises is important to their operations and they are generally still operational during construction. We work with our clients to ensure minimal impact during the construction process ensuring everyone's safety.

We work closely with our civil clients by providing them with advice, options and educating them on best practice, as well as communicating every step of the way, to ensure the right decisions are made for their Project. We work closely with all project stakeholders such as engineers and certifiers to ensure the project comes to life!

Our Standards that set us apart

Contract Administration

Working out of our Head Office in Humpty Doo, our management and adminstration team provide our onsite staff with endless support and guidance to ensure the success of the Project.


Our staff headed by Scott Hammet are well known for our analytical approach to project management by fixing issues before they become a problem and we welcome a challenge.

Qualified/Licenses Employees

We mandate safety across all sites. Our system continues to evolve in accordance with good practices, innovation allowing our workers to undertake construction activities safely.


Our quality standards are extremely stringent and we pride ourselves on consistent performance with quality focused outcomes for our clients.

Local Development

We are committed to developing the NT through sourcing local employment, supply, subcontractors and service providers.

Training and Mentoring

We engage the cream of the crop with qualified and licensed workers that continue to grow through training and onsite experience.

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